Best laptop for video editing under $1000

Best laptop for video editing under $1000

Hey guys I want to share with you four best laptop for video editing under $1000. These laptops are going to be capable of editing 4k, or six K or even higher resolution video in Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, or basically any video editing software other than Final Cut, which is Mac only. you can also read about “Best WordPress theme” here.

They’ll also be great for sound mixing, editing photos, after effects 3d graphics work, basically any content creation or even gaming is going to be great on these laptops. That sounds great. how the heck are we getting laptops that are capable of doing this? For under 1000 bucks.

Let me tell you why right now is such a good time to buy a laptop. This is my Dell XPS 1595 70 that I bought in 2018 for over $3,000 I spent so much money on this laptop primarily because it was one of the few laptops available at the time that offered a six core 12 thread processor, which is great for editing video, jump ahead only two years and now in summer 2020. You can buy a six core 12 thread laptop that is just as fast as this one for 860 bucks. What the heck, what a discount. And if you want even more power, say eight cores and 16 threads.

How does $100 more sound? Can you see why I’m so excited about video editing laptops right now that said when you’re dealing with budget laptops, there are always some compromises that have to be made to reach this lower price point. In this blog, I want to walk you through the Best laptop for video editing under $1000, I recommend as well as any upgrades I think you should make so you can make the correct decision of which one to buy.

Alright, let’s start with the cheapest 4k, best laptop for video editing under $1000 ,I recommend the DELL G5 15 SE which comes in at the time of my making this video right at 862 bucks. I think this is the best all-around budget video editing laptop available today. It has a decent keyboard and trackpad, 256 gigabyte SSD, Radeon 5600 m graphics card, USB 3.1 and type C connections, an HDMI port and even an SD card slot which I love seeing on a laptop. Now to be clear, this is not necessarily a pretty laptop, it is definitely cheaply built with lots of plastic, but where it sacrifices looks, it more than makes up for it in speed. If you’re a video editor that doesn’t care about what your laptop looks like while you’re sitting at a coffee shop because you’re actually getting work done, then I think the G five is a great choice.

It comes with a ryzen 740 600 h CPU with six cores and 12 threads of performance. This is great for 4k editing. But please do be aware that there are some compromises other than just the looks of this laptop at this price. First, it only comes with eight gigabytes of RAM and the $860 model. The good news is you can easily upgrade this to 16 gigabytes for cheap yourself and all you need is a screwdriver, I will link to the ram upgrade that I recommend for this laptop down here. (You are reading Best laptop for video editing under $1000 )

 The next compromise for the 862 model is the screen it’s a 60 hertz panel that from all my research doesn’t appear to be very color accurate. This screen should be fine for the editing part of video editing. But once it comes time to color correct and color grade your footage, I would highly recommend investing in an external monitor that is more color accurate or investing in Dells upgraded display. (You are reading Best laptop for video editing under $1000 )

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Now here’s the good news. If you have a bit more room in your budget, I would actually recommend selecting the level right above the base model of this laptop that Dell sells you’ll get 16 gigs of RAM so you don’t need to install it yourself and more importantly you also get a much better 144 hertz screen that’s going to be quite color accurate and should work great for color grading.

Lastly in regards to the G five the upgrade to the eight core ryzen 740 800 h processor will significantly speed up your editing and I would highly recommend it moving on the second laptop that I recommend for budget 4k video editing is the MSI BRAVO 15 at $999 this laptop just barely squeaked by under the thousand dollar budget limit. But dang Do you get a lot for the price with a ryzen 740 800 h eight core processor 16 gigabytes of RAM, good keyboard and trackpad and a Radeon 5500 m graphics card. This laptop is going to crush whatever footage you throw at it there’s got to be a catch though.

With any thousand dollar laptop there’s always a corner cut somewhere for the DELL LAPTOP. They cut corners on the overall look of the laptop and it looks pretty plastic and cheap. This msi laptop on the other hand looks better but they cut corners on the screen from my research it looks like it’s panel only covers about 60% of the RGB color space. So it is not very color accurate for editing you should be good but once you want to color corrector color grade I would highly recommend using an external monitor and I will link to monitors that I recommend  in here that are affordable up next.(You are reading Best laptop for video editing under $1000 )

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 My third laptop recommendation for you is going to go slightly over budget but this company has sales all the time so I’m betting that you should be able to pick it up for under 1000 bucks my third round recommendation is the Lenovo Legion five. At the time of this recording, the model I recommend is 1060 bucks, and it comes with a ryzen 540 600 h six core processor and it’s all black design doesn’t give off a super gamer II vibe, which I like. Now the first thing you may notice upon researching this laptop is there’s actually a cheaper model with the same CPU that retails for 999.

And then you look closer and realize, wait a second. This cheaper model also comes with a bigger SSD and a 120 hertz screen. The 1060 hertz model only comes with a 60 hertz screen. What’s up with that? Why am I recommending a more expensive laptop. The reason I recommend spinning the premium for the 1060 model is that it comes with a much more color accurate display than the 999 model. upgrading the SSD to 512 gigabytes will only set you back 60 bucks on the novos customization page.

And I would definitely recommend upgrading to 16 gigabytes of RAM there as well for $50 extra if you have the budget to upgrading the CPU to the ryzen 740 800 h for $100.

More is also a great choice that will result in much faster editing and rendering. I realize we’re getting pretty high over the thousand-dollar budget here. But remember Lenovo has sales all the time so I would definitely recommend checking if they have this laptop on sale, as well as check all of the other laptops and recommending you never know when one of them is going to be discounted rounding things up.(You are reading Best laptop for video editing under $1000 )

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 I have one final Best laptop for video editing under $1000 recommendation for you. And I’m going to warn you now it comes with some controversy so I would definitely recommend doing some research. If you’re planning on getting this laptop. The fourth laptop that I’m cautiously recommending is the ASUS A15 gaming laptop.

Now on the surface the specs for this laptop resemble the other options with a good overall build quality that’s definitely a bit gamer aesthetic with lots of RGB and over the top styling with a ryzen 740 800 h eight core CPU an easily upgrade able 16 gigabytes of RAM 512 gigabyte SSD that can also be upgraded capable Nvidia 1660 ti graphics card. This all sounds pretty good, right? And $999 this laptop is beating all of the others on price. So what’s the catch? Just like with the msi laptop, the display is 144 hertz panel with a mediocre color gamut. You’re going to want an external monitor if you’re doing any color grading,

But what about the controversy? You said this laptop was controversial. Another YouTube channel hardware unboxed reviewed this laptop and found that it had horrible cooling issues enough so that they felt like a Soos intentionally designed it badly, so people would instead buy their more expensive laptops big claim. Now a Soos has denied this and hardware Canucks another reputable computer review channel on YouTube has stated that they’re a 15 laptop didn’t have any cooling issues at all. They praised how cool it stayed even when rendering a 3d model in Maya see why this is controversial.

This is why I’m only cautiously recommending this laptop. And there is new information coming out all the time. So I’m sure there’ll be more info after I create this video. So I would highly recommend that you do your own research. Also, if you decide to get the a 15 I would highly recommend buying it from a reputable site that has a good return policy. I will say this one is one of the Best laptop for video editing under $1000.

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