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gulliver's travels summaries

Hi, Welcome to wirearticle. Today we are going to be talking about one of the classics of English literature.So, fasten your nerdy seat belts and get ready for gulliver’s travels summaries .In this article we will talk about the gulliver’s travels .  We will also cover up gulliver’s travels SparkNotes.

Lemuel Gulliver began the narrative with his childhood and how he became a seaman. So today we are going to gulliver’s travels summaries in short words.He was the third of five sons and was sent to Emanuel College in Cambridge at the age of fourteen. From an early age, he was interested in sea voyaging. He learned navigation and other mathematics for this purpose. Gulliver married Mrs. Mary Burton. He began his life as a surgeon. He made sea voyages and traveled the East and West Indies. He observed the people and learned their languages while his sea voyages.

Now let’s start with the most interesting part of Gulliver’s travels which is his voyage to Lilliput.

Gulliver was a surgeon of the merchant ship, Antelope. This ship was destroyed by a heavy windstorm. Twelve crew members had died already. Other crew members’ (including Gulliver) condition was very miserable.

Somehow, they were able to get into a small boat. But the boat was overset by a sudden flurry from the north and Gulliver lost his companions. Can you relate how helpless he was then! That time he swam as fortune directed him. He swam to a nearby island, Lilliput. This island had a population of tiny people. Their height was about six inches. He was very exhausted because of this he fell asleep.

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gulliver's travels summaries
gulliver’s travels summaries

After being woken up, he found himself unable to sit up or to move at all because the inhabitants of the island had captured him. Suddenly he felt that something was moving along his body and almost up to his chin. It was “a human creature” and it was not more than 6 inches high. It had a bow and arrow in its hand and a quiver at its back. Those creatures were called “Lilliputians”.

Gulliver roared out and could manage to free his left hand somehow. Being frightened, Lilliputians fired dozens of tiny arrows into his body, hand, and face. One of the Lilliputians made a speech of ten minutes which was not understandable to Gulliver. Do not you think that he was like a giant to the Lilliputians?

Well, by using signals, Gulliver was able to make them understand that he needed food and drink. They brought baskets of meat and several loaves of bread. They also brought two barrels of drink. Quickly Gulliver fell asleep because there was sleeping medicine in his drink. When the Lilliputians realized that he was asleep, they took Gulliver to the capital by dragging him. More than one hundred thousand Lilliputians came to see Gulliver. Maybe he was a strange creature to the Lilliputians with his huge size.

The emperor of Lilliput came to visit Gulliver and he appointed learned men to teach Gulliver the local language. Gulliver’s pocket was examined and his sword and pistols were taken from him. The king ordered his subjects to move Gulliver to a little-used temple which was the only suitable place for Gulliver because of his giant size.

In actual he was not a giant. But he seemed giant among the Lilliputians. The emperor and Gulliver tried to carry on a conversation as best they could. After the emperor’s visit, six Lilliputians threw arrows at Gulliver. These people were given to Gulliver to punish them by his will. So, Gulliver put five of them in his pocket and pretended to eat the other one but did not eat it. He then released them. The Imperial Council was so impressed on Gulliver because of his clemency and cooperation that they debated whether or not to free Gulliver. The emperor became very pleased with Gulliver because of his behavior. Gulliver learned their culture also.

In Lilliputian culture, they preferred the person who was physically strong rather than meritorious to give a job. For example, the emperor selected the persons who performed best at a dangerous kind of role dancing. In this, the candidates had to walk to the middle of a rope. The person who could cross the rope perfectly was chosen by the emperor for the job. Is not it ridiculous? Do we select our employees by testing their physical strength always? But the Lilliputians did so. ( more from gulliver’s travels summaries is coming)

The emperor of Lilliput asked for help from Gulliver in the war against Blefuscu. Blefuscu was also a tiny kingdom. According to the conditions, Gulliver agreed to help him. In the war, we will see how did he use his huge size against Blefuscu. He was very beneficial to the Lilliputians.

Readers, the principal secretary of Lilliput, explained the reason for the conflict between two parties of Lilliput, the Tramecksan and Slamecksan who were distinguished by the High Heel and the Low Heel. He said that the conflict started over a religious question: At which end should the believers break their egg. Should they break the egg at the big end or the little end? The Blefuscudians broke their eggs at the big end which was the original style. But the Lilliputians broke their eggs at the little end. Is not it funny to fight over such a trivial thing?

Well, when the war started between the Lilliputians and Blefuscudians, Gulliver proved him to be very useful by capturing all the navy of Blefuscu. Being pleased with Gulliver the emperor rewarded him with the title “Nardac” which is the highest honor in Lilliput.

After that the emperor requested Gulliver to destroy Blefuscu completely. But this time Gulliver rejected his request. After some days, an ambassy of Blefuscu offered a treaty for peace, which was accepted by the emperor.

One midnight Gulliver was awoken by the sound of Lilliputians who were telling him that there was a fire in the empress’s chamber in the palace. He went to help to put out the fire. Suddenly Gulliver thought of urinating on the fire to keep it from spreading to the rest of the palace. There was a law against anyone passing water in the royal palace, however, the empress felt abhorred. The proverb “To bring a calamity by one’s imprudence” is appropriate.

Gulliver told his readers that in Lilliput, dishonesty and false accusations were punished more seriously than theft and other terrible things. In Lilliput, if someone accused another person but was proven to be wrong in the accusation, the accused was punished severely. On the other hand, the falsely accused person was rewarded. Moral, rather than clever men, were appointed to a powerful position. Another thing is that the children were raised by the state rather than their parents.

Flimnap and Skyresh Bolgolan were enemies of Gulliver. Flimnap accused Gulliver that his wife was attracted by him. Gulliver was charged with treason. His crime included “making water” in the palace, refusing to destroy Blefuscu, speaking to the peace embassy from Blefuscu, and planning to visit Blefuscu. The emperor accepted the charges, but he refused to kill Gulliver. He decided to blind Gulliver. To save his eyes, he went to Blefuscu. There he was warmly received. In Blefuscu, Gulliver saw a ship that was perfect for him.

He spent about a month to repair it. During this time, the emperor of Lilliput sent a message demanding Gulliver but the emperor of Blefuscu refused to do so. Gulliver started sailing and was picked up by a British merchant ship and returned to England. There he was reunited with his wife and family.

Well, it is all about “A Voyage to Lilliput”. Hope you all will enjoy this. We will be bringing “ gulliver’s travels summaries” 2nd part. So subscribe to our site to get more nerdy content.

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