WordPress Speed optimization service||6 best tips

WordPress Speed Optimization
WordPress Speed Optimization Service is required in order to heal your website from unnecessary codes, cache and unnecessary large image. If you own a WordPress site and having trouble with your speed, then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to talk about WordPress Speed Optimization Service “and how you can make your website as lite as a rocket.

So there are few steps that are required to be taken to make sure that your site is super-fast. These are:

1. Use CDN server.

2. Make sure your website doesn’t have unnecessary plugin

3.Optimize your images before uploading them in your website.

4. Optimize JavaScript codes

5.Remove all the unnecessary animation

6.Don’t give a lot of access to the general users of your website.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Now let’s talk in Detail about WordPress Speed Optimization Service:

  • Use CDN server: CDN server is kind of like a temporary hoisting provider. Suppose you have a Hosting plan with name cheap, now what happens if a user visits your site? He first goes through your website to your Hosting provider server, that’s how he sees your front end site.

Now what CDN does is, it makes a temporary server in your user computer via cache and makes it easier to find and load your website to the user. To activate your CDN contact with your web Hosting provider.

  • Make sure your website doesn’t have unnecessary plugin: One thingWe WordPress users love to do is installing bunch of cool plugin that we never use. Remember Unnecessary plugins make your website slow. So Make sure you are using all the plugin you have installed and activated.

All the unnecessary plugins should be removed as soon as possible. That’s why premium theme is in so demand. Because if you are using a premium theme there are many feature you will get along with the theme, thus it allows you to install less plugin. Here is One of my most favorite multi-purpose theme

Avada | Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce

It’s a multipurpose theme. With many premium demo site, already created for you. You only need to buy and install and your site will be ready in just one click.

  • Optimize your images before uploading them in your website: It’s always a good idea to optimize your Pictures before uploading them. You might wonder that how do I do that? But do not worry. There is a problem to every solution. Oh, Sorry, I may have reversed the proverb. There is a solution to every problem :3. Here us is what you need to do. Select the picture you want to upload, go to  https://tinypng.com/ , upload your photo. It will compress your image without losing resolution. Another thing you should always use small images to your website. Your image should not concede over 250 kb in anyway. You can do one other thing, if you have a PNG format image, transform the image in jpg format. PNG pictures are more pixel perfect. If you think your image should not have that much of a detail you can convert it to jpg image, that will help you to optimize your image for WordPress Speed Optimization Service even better.
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
  • Optimize JavaScript codes:  It is very important for you to understand that your website code is optimized even it is on WordPress CMS. Now the real question is how do we actually do that? Well there is many plugins available for this type of JavaScript code optimization. Hence it could be a little overwhelming for beginner.  What you can is take service from an expert. You will be probably happy to know that I am offering this whole WordPress Speed Optimization Service at just 15$ on fiverr platform. I will leave a link to my profile so that you can contact with me if you feel a little overwhelm while doing this.

My fiverr profile Link

WordPress Speed Optimization Service Gig

  • Remove all the unnecessary animation: if you are using any page builder to build your website probably you are using a lot of animation. While animation has a demand for itself but it’s not good idea to make a bunch of unnecessary animation in your landing page that is just giving headache to your users. Limit yourself to gentle and attractive animation that will make your site look more dynamic. Don’t do just insert something that makes your user raise his or her eyebrows.

Also this animation is built using JavaScript so eventually a lot of Animation will definitely make your site slow.

  • Don’t give a lot of access to the general users of your website:  Don’t give a lot of access to the general user of your site. They might post heavy images that could make your site slow. Also turn on comments approval on your site, so that you can check whether the comment is valid or not and if the user is just using your comment box for spamming.

Bonus Tips: Here are some bonus tips that will help you optimize your site.  You should choose a good hosting service, that is the most important thing you can do to make your website super-fast organically.  A good hosting server will save you a lot of time and money. But if you already are with a slow Hosting provider don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. I am here for you. I have given my fiverr gig link, order the “WordPress Speed Optimization “Service from me, I guarantee you a super-fast site.  

Another thing is keep your WordPress updated. It helps you make your site load fast. Because then you have all the latest feature from this amazing CMS. Also Update the PHP version of your website with latest version. Its tremendously important to keep the PHP version latest.

To, conclude this article I want to say Speed optimization in your website is very important. Because is your site is slow, people will not wait for to load your site. They will go back. it will increase the bounce rate of your website. And thus your website will never rank in Google or any other search engine. So look after your website speed.

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